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Raising Resilient Kids: Intro to the Parental Compass

Course Description

A disadvantage of growing up in a hypermedia and hyper-technology culture is that our children will most likely be exposed to sexual material sooner than we’d like. This course is for you if:

  • You worry that your child is being exposed to media that is not age appropriate.
  • Your child is asking questions that take you by surprise.
  • Your child is experiencing behaviour or attention that seems inappropriate.
  • You are seeking practical strategies to help set up an ongoing conversation with your child about sex, love, and relationships.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to being the conversation with your child.

  • How to answer some of your child’s more intimate questions.

  • How to create a dynamic with your child where they will feel safe to ask you questions and bring their concerns to you.

  • How to tackle challenging topics with your child around sexuality.

  • Strategies to help your child understand healthy relationships.

  • Activities you can do together to expand the conversation about sex and love.

This age-appropriate course tackles the complexity of today’s issues, along with the most effective strategies you can use to keep your 3 to 9-year-old child strong and safe. 

Dr. Jillian Roberts

Dr. Jillian Roberts

Child Psychologist

Dr. Jillian Roberts has been working with children for more than twenty years, first as a primary schoolteacher, then as a child psychologist and an associate professor of educational psychology at the University of Victoria. She is the author of the critically acclaimed “Just Enough” book series for children and the creator of the “Key Facts of Life” app. She has also published numerous scholarly articles and given presentations on educational and health psychology around the world. Jillian is also a wife and mother of three children.

Course Contents

10 Videos

6 PDFs

1.0 hr

Course Curriculum

A True Story

7-POINT COMPASS: Unconditional Love

7-POINT COMPASS: Stay Current

7-POINT COMPASS: Build Resilience

7-POINT COMPASS: Lose Stigma & Prejudice