Coping with Terror & Tragedy

taught by Dr. Jillian Roberts

Course description

Raising kids in today’s hyper-connected world means we’re exposed to more news media than ever before. This can be especially tough on parents, as we struggle to explain what’s being shown on TV, or what’s happened in the world, to our kids in an age-appropriate manner. You may wonder if your child is ready to be hearing about such things, or how you can provide context without making your child fearful or anxious.

This course will be right for you if you have a child:  

  • Who is asking questions regarding terror, disasters and tragedy.
  • Who is asking questions about bombings and killings, or mass casualty natural disasters they see on TV and the Internet.
  • Who lives near the location of a recent attack or tragedy, and is struggling to process the event.

Dr. Roberts will help you find the words to answer tough questions and help your child focus their attention to the "helpers" who come forward to assist one another amidst tragedy.

Dr. Jillian Roberts
Dr. Jillian Roberts
Child Psychologist

Dr. Jillian Roberts has been working with children for more than twenty years, first as a primary schoolteacher, then as a child psychologist and an associate professor of educational psychology at the University of Victoria. She is the author of the critically acclaimed “Just Enough” book series for children and the creator of the “Key Facts of Life” app. She has also published numerous scholarly articles and given presentations on educational and health psychology around the world. Jillian is also a wife and mother of three children.