Course Description

This course will be right for you if you have a child who can’t sit still, seems to daydream frequently, cannot play quietly, is easily distracted or has already been diagnosed with ADHD. 

The symptoms of ADHD can be perfectly typical at an early stage of development, which can be confusing for parents and teachers. However, when symptoms interfere with the child’s daily life, they can become a problem.

What Will I Learn? 

  • What ADHD is and isn't
  • Symptoms
  • Treatment options
  • The 3 presentation types
  • Management strategies for each presentation type
  • How to protect your child's self esteem
  • Activities to empower your child to manage their symptoms

Parenting a child with ADHD has its challenges, but can also be incredibly rewarding as you work with them to master new skills and gain confidence. Dr. Roberts' positive approach will give you the expertise and tools you need to manage your child's ADHD and reduce the stress and frustration it can create.

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